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Chris Hind (
Sat, 15 Mar 1997 01:51:34 -0800

>We've had push media for a long time. It's called television. The media
>conspiring to eliminate interactivity is not good. The media sees (with some
>exception) the internet as a slow expensive television. Do we want that? I
>think Pointcast is a pain in the ass, and I thought it was several months
>ago when it first appeared (not when I saw it in Wired). If I want to get
>news, I'll get the news I want when I want it. Pointcast is an overrated
>screen saver.

Ahh but can you customize precisely the programming you'd like to recieve
on your television or choose from many unofficial sources of programming?
How about create a user profile like firefly or my-yahoo to use collective
intelligence so that the profile learns what you like and fits the
information specifically to your liking and enjoyment. This sort of
technology could inspire quite a number of people. Imagine the sort of
individuality that will grow and blossom out of having a profile created
exactly to your liking and changing as you change. Anonymities will also
allow the growth of individuality which will bleed out into everyday life.
No ones going to browse the web for hours on end looking for news with
search tools. Mass media may recognize push technology as slow television
but the truth is, everyone will be able to broadcast push technology just
like this mailinglist was pushed into your inbox. Microsoft is designing a
batch of HTML tags specifically so that everyone can generate push-media.
See the false image of push-media being like television will cause
advertisers to pour onto the scene and along with them, $$. Push-Technology
isn't a replacement for the web, it only serves as a front door to it. It's
merely a way to deliver your favorite websites and all their content
directly to your PC automatically saving you all the time of net congestion
or overly busy websites. This is NOT an end to personal choice and very
very far away from simple channel flipping. No, no. This stuff 'learns' all
your interests and even suggests new information. You can follow links on
incoming pushed information to take you anywhere that may cause you to have
new interests which you can also subscribe to have pushed to you which
alters your profile and continues the perpetual cycle. The future of your
identity will no longer be your social security # or DNA, your personality
is the only thing that is 'you'. Profiles will be infinately important as
well as brainwaves. Get ready for profile-based dating systems, book
recommendations, music recommendations, etc. The future is SMART.

"Risk: You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage
to lose sight of the shore."

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