Re: Countertime beings: in search of a paradox

Hara Ra (
Fri, 14 Mar 1997 22:58:12 -0800

Mitchell Porter wrote:
> Is there something paradoxical about the notion of *communication*
> between ourselves and countertime beings? Or could we build a
> time-reversed robot that reports on the future?
Some difficulties here:

1. Time seems to be a macroscopic idea, ultimately based on storing
memory or events in a sequential order. It is difficult to imagine a
reversed time device capable of accumulating information.

1a. Though time is a very useful idea in physics, it can be seen in
terms of how to organize events in the form of information. Time as we
know it may not exist.

2. Acquiring and processing the energy required for 1) is also hard to

3. Just as many possible futures evolve from the now, so do many
possible pasts converge.

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