Re: A cure for the common cancer?

Max M (
Fri, 14 Mar 1997 23:57:40 +0100

> From: Lee Daniel Crocker

> > What is thought to be a major breakthrough/development in cancer
> > has just been announced in the national Danish media. It should also
> > been published in "Nature Medicine" a renounced medical journal.
> Is that a typo/mistranslation for "renowned", or a comment that this
> study is less than rigourous? :-)

It's a typo. I read english like a native, and speak it like an american
;-) but I have some trouble writing it fluently.

> The other word you were groping for is "mitosis" (cell division).
> I won't correct all your spelling, but I did notice that you
> capitalized "German" but not "english". Subliminal?

Well Denmark has been in constant war with germany for about a thousand
years except for the last 50 years. So maybee it's genetic. :-)

> Anyway, thanks for the good news. I remember hearing something about
> this a few months ago, but perhaps that was hype to get funding.
> Nice to know he actually got some results. Does that mean that kids
> "infected" by this cure will be required /not/ to stay home from
> school so they can infect others?

No the carrier virus should only affect the cancer cells. But who knows.
Nature allways seem to have a way to fight back.

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