Re: Push-Technology and Technology News

Johnny Carwash (
Fri, 14 Mar 1997 07:19:17 -0400

At 11:48 pm 3/13/97 -0800, you wrote:
>I recently read the latest Wired and I followed it up with downloading and
>installing Pointcast on all the machines in the cafe and I must say
>Pointcast Network ( is an incredible technology. Imagine
>being able to recieve the latest high technology breakthoughs delivered
>right to your desktop. Pointcast Network makes news a whole lot more
>entertaining the way it's presented like a presentation with everything
>moving all over the place.

We've had push media for a long time. It's called television. The media
conspiring to eliminate interactivity is not good. The media sees (with some
exception) the internet as a slow expensive television. Do we want that? I
think Pointcast is a pain in the ass, and I thought it was several months
ago when it first appeared (not when I saw it in Wired). If I want to get
news, I'll get the news I want when I want it. Pointcast is an overrated
screen saver.
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