Re: "The Fourth Turning" - A Must Read

Hara Ra (
Wed, 12 Mar 1997 22:07:19 -0800

Reilly Jones wrote:
> Robin Hanson wrote 3/5/97: <This year Strauss & Howe came out with a
> sequel, "The Fourth Turning", <snip>
> I perused this book carefully during a pleasant evening at Barnes & Noble.
> Afterwards, I had one question: why wasn't this book stacked in the
> Astrology/New Age section of the store? <snip>

> Books like this on historical cycles have as much validity as calculating
> the positions of the planets when you are born, and then concocting
> interesting generalized theories about what's going to happen next.

> In writing this book, I have the feeling the authors consulted the highest
> authority possible on their subject: P.T. Barnum.
If you want software to go along with this, look up Terence McKenna's
"Timewave Zero" software, which you can run via the "hyperborea" web
page (I lack the URL but it is easy to find). I know both Terence and
the person who wrote the software for Terence....

Just for fun we looked up the "harmonic convergence" (remember that
one?) in Timewave Zero --- which said nothing happened that day....

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