We're baack!!!

David Musick (David_Musick@msn.com)
Wed, 12 Mar 97 19:03:22 UT

I've been spending the past while doing lots of thinking about things; about
all kinds of things --

I've been playing around with ALL kinds of things in my environment; studying
*everything* very intently, seeing what I can do with various kinds of objects
and discovering the properties, features and usefulness of everyday items,
such as:: my hands, pieces of cloth, strings and rope, pipes and dope, with
bedrooms and mushrooms, paper and pens, there's just so many things I can do
with my hands!

And yet I feel like I'm just beginning -- I see so **many** //possibilities\\
for further exploration, for further playings with my reality ((all safe and
hygenic, of course)).

I'm essentially turning the whole world into my playground, and now it doesn't
seem so big and terrifying any more. Now things look interesting and fun and
full of possibilities. I know sometimes I or others will make mistakes and
sometimes people will be hurt, but I _also know that we will learn from our
actions and the actions of others, and we will improve our performance, become
less harmful, less wasteful, more careful and mindful in all of our actions.

Whether our world is terrifying, violent and destructive, or whether our world
is safe, inviting and comfortable, is almost entirely up to us. We choose how
we behave, and we choose what sorts of environments we create. We can
basically decide what kind of a world we want to live in and then create the
sort of reality we love.

We are the masters here; we are intelligent, and we learn quickly; we study
the world and learn how it works and how we can manipulate it to be the way we
want it to be. If something isn't quite right, we'll work on it and make it
right. We are in the process of continual improvement, and this process has
been continuing on for longer than I can fathom right now.

This is just so amazing! This whole reality is so fascinating to me; the more
I learn, the deeper my curiosity grows. I want to understand it all; it's so
beautiful; and it's right there in front of me and all around me and through
me. It - i s - me.

Now ^there's^ an interesting idea; I am all that I am aware of and all that I
influence. I have a certain pattern to myself; I am unique; and the influence
of what I am spreads all around me in various ways as I make changes; as I
think and move and communicate. My influence spreads everywhere; tending to
become mixed up in larger and smaller processes. I can cause the atoms in my
hand to move faster, by rubbing it on something else; I can influence the
minds of other humans by presenting them with attractive ideas, which they
incorporate into the process of themselves. I can also observe and be
conscious of much of the world, through various means --- I can use my senses
to gather information, and I can notice patterns and regularities in that
information and understand the signifigance of my experiences and eventually
perceive the larger patterns and processes I'm involved in.

As I grow, my awareness and my influence also grows -- I *AM* my awareness
and influence. I seem to be woven seamlessly into other people and into the
elements of the physical world -- we all influence and are aware of each other
to a high degree. There are still differences between us; every system seems
to be unique. There are individuals. We are also all deeply connected to
each other; each individual connected to all others in a relationship which is
itseslf unique among all relationships. The relationship itself is also an
individual. Hmmm.....interesting thought space around this idea....

..... .
... ...
. .....

You know, this writing is actually quite good for having eaten as much
psychedellic mushrooms and cannabis as I've been eating. I don't know why the
popular image of these plants is that they are harmful and make you stupid.
The state of clarity I'm experiencing is very beautiful, and my intellectual
and physical abilities seem quite available to me; in many ways; I feel
ENHANCED; I feel much better than I did before I started using this stuff.
Although, most of that has to do with the discipline of mind that I've been
developing, but the herbs do seem to be helping me out a lot. Without them,
I'd still excell (actually I'd just find a way to manufacture the same kind of
chemicals the plants do in my own body; the body can make all kinds of
chemicals, especially the brain... make your own dope, right inside your own
body, custom-made, just how you want it! What a deal!)

It's the people that use drugs improperly that give them such a bad
reputation. It's not the drugs that are bad; the drugs simply exist; it's how
we use them that may be good or bad. When used properly, drugs can be very
beneficial; but when they're used improperly; they can become deadly. Very
much like knives in that way -- beneficial when used carefully and
intelligently, but dangerous when used unthinkingly and ignorantly.

Well, my mind is full of ideas, and I don't want to download all of them into
this message, so I will end it shortly, but I exist, and will share my
summations and creations of reality with you often.

Thank you for your attention,

- David Ambur Musick

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This is not a crisis situation; relax, enjoy.

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[All ideas, phrases, words and concepts used in this document are hereby
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In other words... feel free to use any of this however you want to; I won't
send armed men to harrass you for using and sharing my ideas.

[03/12/97 , 0700]