Re: PRIVACY: MSIExplorer email spy file

Johnny Carwash (
Tue, 11 Mar 1997 22:17:46 -0400

>This is scary. I just checked it out on my system. It is no longer a
>mystery why Microsoft has not been hit with antitrust lawsuits. I have
>always been skeptical of conspiracy claims, but now I am ready to believe.
>Of course, this poses little security risk to me and might be a convienent
>way to spy on the leeches who use my computer. Now, if only I could get
>them to do something interesting....

Effectively, there's nothing really shocking about filed not really being
"deleted". The files are still there, and will remain there until
overwritten, Microsoft or no Microsoft. Data recovery techniques can recover
data that has been written over or reformatted 8 or 9 times. If you think
that this one little bug (let's call it a feature) is all that stands
between you and secure computing, I have a lovely bridge to sell you. If you
want total safety, use a laptop, and use removable drives with it, and keep
those drives somewhere safe, like on your person at all times. Fortunatly,
encryption pretty much makes this a non necessity. In any case, chances are
you don't have any truly secret data anyways. I know my data aren't terribly
secret, and if someone reads my email, they'll probably be too bored to do
anything, unless they're nuts.
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