Re: BUSINESS: Transhuman Posters

Johnny Carwash (
Mon, 10 Mar 1997 21:03:30 -0400

>Now he backtracks and says it was constructive, but let's try and not confuse
>Natshasha's natural grace with the actual intent.

Oh for fuck's sake. What are you ? Some kind of pulp philosopher? Stop
punishing me for having differing opinions. If you're going to take offense
everytime someone dissagrees with your little worldview, you'll get nowhere.
Just drop it ok? No one is convinced my comments had no merit, because,
GUESS WHAT? They have merit! You're past the stage of trying to sound smart,
and now you're in the stage of pissing me off with your incessant whining.
You don't agree with me? Tell me why my opinions are wrong, don't theorize
about who I am.
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