Re: META: private filter option

Michael Lorrey (
Mon, 10 Mar 1997 20:29:48 -0500

The Low Golden Willow wrote:
> On Mar 10, 11:15pm, Anders Sandberg wrote:
> } Hmm, I see some fascinating applications for sociological cluster-analysis
> } software here to help people find their ideal select lists. One could even
> } use set operations to personalize further... Sasha, this is quite close to
> } some of your old proposals.
> Those with Eudora or procmail (mine) already can do this. Everyone
> could do this with MailWeir, the old list software.

has anyone heard of Netscape plugins that allow filtering? I've got
navigator 3.01 and haven't seen any of this sort of feature here. WHile
going to a more specialized mail reader has its ups, I prefer the easy
browser/mailer compatibility of netscape. Any feedback?

One the filter space ideas that Sasha had a while back, this would be an
interesting java applet to put on the exi page. I've seen clustering
apps elsewhere.

I've noticed my own tastes focus over the past several months, which
would explain why I've been posting less than I used to, besides having
more work to do elsewhere, and having to screen through more messages.
Mostly, though, the conversations have seemed to be getting more
mundane, snippy, and banal. Sorry folks, the flaming over silicon skin
was really lame... I've noticed my own attitude toward banality has
shifted from feeling the need to reply to avoidance just to reduce the


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