Re: Chimps get Aids, reply to Pat Fallon

Pat Fallon (
Mon, 10 Mar 1997 16:07:06 -0500


Thanks for taking the time to track down the article on chimps I asked for. As you
say, it is not exactly a Nature article, but I try to keep up on this debate so
I wanted to see this evidence.

> Might I ask, why
> are you so into this? I thought Duesberg had a point too, until I started
> looking into it.

Since HIV didn't seem to me to be acing like a typical infectious disease, I
carefully considered the arguments of Duesberg and others [his and some of their
papers are nicely collected at] and found that their arguments
were persuasive to me. And when I ran for governor of PA for the libertarian party in
1994, I was asked to answer a whole slew of questionairres, one of which was from
the League of Gay and Lesbian Voters. They had a few questions on AIDS, and so I
felt the need to answer responsibly to their questions. Duesbergs recent book and
the video I just got are very persuasive, IMHO.

Thanks again.


Pat Fallon