Re: Libertarianism and Extropia?
Mon, 10 Mar 1997 12:13:04 -0500 (EST)

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<< > If most business can be moved online, then we enter a situation where
> countries will become the kind of proprietary communities I was talking
> about earlier, vying with each other to attract the most successful
> technomads in return for their taxes. This may be one important route
> towards the kind of societies we talk about, and is probably one
> reason why governments are trying hard to screw up the Net.

I didn't even think of this, even though I often carry on my business via
e-mail while I'm travelling and have even considered Costa Rica as a
personal emmigration destination from which I might be able to carry on some
of my business in the States and elsewhere as the Net gets a little better.
Mark, your point is very well taken.

Actually, this is the original reason why i began to investigate Libertarians
in the first place, which led me to Extropy, it seem highly probable that
such an anarcho- cap world might occur spontaneously (before I ever
encountered S.O) through the very offworld nature of 'cyber- business', with
the chaning territories eroding the govt controls slowly bu t surely....and
Libertarian ideas were the closest to "workable" that are around. However I
still see many areas that are not ironed out and hope that people do not
stick dogmatically to a premise that has yet to be ground tested. IMHO, and
it is humble, believe me, we need a NEW paradigm. I did not like Harry Brown
telling me in his book how much better the fifites were.. and how we can
return the constitution andour selves to the past...