Dynamic Pessimism Showed Me The Truth

Mike C. (mikec@jax.gulfnet.com)
Mon, 10 Mar 1997 12:18:47 -0500

I must appologize for my prior posts.
My conclusion is they were a lucid dream gone awry. :-)
I hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive me.
Fanciful nonsense filled with important words
tends to have a way of confusing people into believing it
and I do not want to spread any unrealistic memes.
I will try not to let religion become involved in my future discussions.
It was not well thought out.
Sometimes my emotions become too envolved.
To think I could explain things as complex as that is absurd.
I should have known better.
When it comes to science I'll leave that to the experts.
Hopefully I be able to stop chasing the impossible dream
and learn to see all the things I have missed.
All that wasted time could have been put to much better use,
like paying attention to family and friends.
Where has my social life gone?
I have forgotten the the most important thing in life,
the true beauty of everyday human interaction.