Re: BUSINESS: Transhuman Posters

Johnny Carwash (
Mon, 10 Mar 1997 07:13:06 -0400

> ...And the turtle retreats back into his shell, looks to his sky and
>sees limitations where there truly are none. Perhaps one day, the turtle
>will be willing to take another peek at the unlimited "beyond" outside of
>his shell...

This is just pure arrogance.

> In other words, we have *every* right to judge you as you are the
>creator of your ideas. Your first impression was a breach of respect
>towards Natasha. Instead of apologizing or responding to another thread,
>you (yes *you* Mr. Carwash) decided to persist in your ideas that *we* are
>wrong and *you* are right. You have judged us, and now you whine about how
>we can't judge you? Sorry, you've lost your rights.

First of all, I did not insult Natasha as a person, I just disagreed with
her idea. Secondly, I did not judge you, plural, I gave my opinion on *a*
poster, singular. The only judgement I have about you is that you're a
suck-up and a yes man. Next time you express an independent thought come
back to me, ok? In the mean time, don't start creating "sides" in an issue
where there are none. If you want to be part of something where everyone is
in constant agreement, go join a religious cult, because last time I
checked, there was something in extropia that encouraged the free exchange
of ideas, popular or not. There's no *we* buddy, only you.
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