Johnny Carwash (
Sun, 09 Mar 1997 19:11:29 -0400

>I am interested in silicon dioxide, actually. Your comments on silicon and
>its glass like texture makes sense. Yet, the use of abrasive solid hard
>surface structures for protective devices, like an armor, has a visual
>element that I like.

Well, solid body armour isn't that great an idea because of the mobility
difficulties inherent in it.

>This is a topic where scientific suggestions could be insightful. What
>suggestions do other have for mid-transhuman to late-transhuman stages?

I think a far better armour could be achieved by using a net of diamond
crystals ,connected in a manner that would let the material flex. Depending
on the shape of these crystals, they can be almost entirely diffuse, and
therefore not transperant. In addition, diamond is an incredibly strong
substance, and not very heavy.
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