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Sun, 9 Mar 1997 13:39:32 -0700 (MST)

At 01:56 AM 3/9/97 -0400, Johnny Carwash wrote:

>I realize this is a matter of symantics, but Silicon doesn't
>(and can't) have multiple elements, because it is an element (it does have
>multiple isotopes, but that's irrelevent). Indeed Silicon can form different
>compounds, among them Silicon Dioxide. Silicon Dioxide is also found in
>quartz sand, and was recently been found to be the cause of the "singing
>sands" phenomenon.

I am interested in silicon dioxide, actually. Your comments on silicon and
its glass like texture makes sense. Yet, the use of abrasive solid hard
surface structures for protective devices, like an armor, has a visual
element that I like.

More appropriately, I like the combination of multiple textures for
skin-like protective membranes. I envision textures that will change color
and design. The environments we will be spending time in will also influence
what textures will be appropriate. And, the time frame is important: how
far into bio-tech beings we are.

This is a topic where scientific suggestions could be insightful. What
suggestions do other have for mid-transhuman to late-transhuman stages?

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