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Johnny Carwash (
Sun, 09 Mar 1997 02:28:29 -0400

At 02:51 am 3/8/97 +0000, you wrote:
>This Mr. Johnny Carwash writes:
>>If you do, you're entitled to your opinion, but I think it's
>>irresponsible to make that the view of a movement.
>Aside from the obvious point that a piece of art does not dictate a
>movement, I suggest that you read up on the persons who have responded
>to your posting thus far. I believe you'll find that they in part
>founded the 'movement' in question (have we come to the point of considering
>extropianism a movement? Hum, a question for another thread).

Sorry, I didn't know people could own a mode of thought. Should I be paying
royalties to Karl Marx now? Furthermore, I'm aware of who responded to my
message. I'm not going to keep my mouth shut for fear of offending
"important" people any more than "unimportant" folk.

>>I like being rude, it makes people pay attention.
>You may enjoy rudeness for the shock value, but it won't carry you
>very far on this list. We value creative, skilled, informed and civil
>discussion here.

First off, that was sarcasm. Secondly, I did not expect anger. I did not
reply with anger, in fact I replied with great sadness. I take it very
personally when scientists are made to look foolish.
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