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Thanks for question/observation (?). No, I would not say that I am
"officially" anything!:)
I certainly would not want a lot of wonderful and skeptical people who do
happen to share my views on cryonic suspension or religion to think they
"Outside" of extropian ideas. Or will be kicked out of the party! :)>>

Great response! ; )

<<I like the orientation that Extropy has in a number of areas. Including
pretty clear cut fact, IMHO, that most progress we as a race have made has
been a result of increasing technology. Not new versions of old
superstitions called religions.>>

Which does not mean there are not some wonderful, kind, thoughtful people
deeply involved in all sorts of religions. I just happen to believe that
they would be "good" people anyway. They are basically decent, in other
words, *despite* their particular brand of superstition, not *because* of

Dear RavnStCrow (Nadia)

Hello! From Rudi Hoffman (

You write,

< I agree, but the sad fact is, most people think that we are sort of
of rational actions, never mind being good... I have watched grown men sit
and say that the only reason we don't commit mayhem on a regular basis is
because we have something to fear ( God's wrath ) and/or that we have been
ordered from on high, by a devine source...>

Part of the whole libertarian/ athiest/ extropian orientation, and a rather
foundational part, IMHO, is the concept that people *are* basically "good".
Of course, there is quotes around "good" to acknowledge that this is a
rather ill-defined overused "line-drawing" word, but I think most of us have
a reasonable idea of what is meant by "good" here.

It is interesting to me that the authoritarian approach to life, which I
would define as the opposite of libertarian/ athiest/ extropian assumes
people are basically "evil".

Or at least, if we are left to our own devices, that our basic "evil nature"
will out. The authoritarians therefore decide their infinite wisdom to
proclaim from "on high" what we may or may not do, think, or say.

Perhaps there is a time for such a "revealed truth" type of orientation, when
we are not dealing with educated and knowledgeble adults.

But for the FDA to tell me as a knowledgeable adult that I may not use a drug
or procedure that may save or improve my life, for example, is RIDICULOUS!

Do you remember a few years back our "friends and protectors" at the FDA were
trying to pass regulations that would require prescriptions for megadose
vitamins and herbs?

Outrageous! Fortunately, this was such clear cut violation of good sense and
good science that it did not happen, but equivalently "off the wall"
interventionists tactics are threatened by "do-gooders" continually.

"Thank God for athiests and freethinkers!" :)

<Anyway, thanks for responding in an intelligent way to my joking about
definitions, there has been some attempts lately to "redefine" extropy... in
sometimes bizarre ways...>

There is a listing somewhere written by Max More (I think) of some extropian
principals. It is outstanding! If anyone reading knows where this may be
posted on some board or other, please let me/ us know.

< Not that your statement was bizarre in any way- your 4 things, atheist,
skeptic, cryonics ( life extension) and Libertarianism, are pretty much
Extropic staples, I guess...>

<"On with the Automorph">

I am intrigued with this. What does it mean?



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