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Max More (
Sat, 08 Mar 1997 17:47:01 -0800

At 06:09 PM 3/8/97 -0400, "Johnny Carwash" wrote:
>I realize that to many of you, extropian ideals are philosophical. Well,
>fair enough, but I consider myself a scientist, and I feel that there's no
>room for pretention in science. First of all, the idea of a human or
>posthuman or transhuman or anyotherprefixhuman with silicon skin isn't even
>a concept out of science fiction, it's a concept out of stupid people trying
>to be trendy. The crystals of pure silicon (Si) used as semiconductor chips
>are used for the semiconductor properties of silicon. In addition, silicon's
>crystaline lattice structure is very rigid (another reason it's used for
>chips ..

Given nanotech, transhuman/posthuman skin may look like anything we please.
See the active tattoos in Snowcrash, or flicker cladding in Rucker's
Software. Our virtual bodies in virtual worlds could easily look however we
want. Whether in VR or not, why shouldn't future skin look like silicon?

All silicon compounds are rigid, huh? I suppose all those women with
silicone breast implants must be really solid upfront then.

>Drop the pretension, honey, it makes us all look like idiots. If I wanted
>future fantastic with no basis in science, I'd read Mondo 2000 (and I do).

Drop the rudeness, buddy. You're new to this list and need to learn how to
communicate effectively. If you can't make your points with finenesse, go
somewhere else.

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