Re: BUSINESS: Transhuman Posters

Johnny Carwash (
Sat, 08 Mar 1997 18:09:39 -0400

>*FIRST DESIGN: The first poster image will be a remake of my father's award
>winning commercial photo of Cat Woman (Julie Newmar) of "Batman." The
>image depicted her standing in a shinny gold swim suit on the beach with a
>harpoon. (Other models who posed for him were Raquel Welch, Sharon Tate and
>Jill St. John. ) The transhuman rendition of my father's image will be a
>Transhuman Woman in silicon skin. The beach will be another environ, the
>harpoon might be a different wepon, perhaps something with which to compat
>death with.

I realize that to many of you, extropian ideals are philosophical. Well,
fair enough, but I consider myself a scientist, and I feel that there's no
room for pretention in science. First of all, the idea of a human or
posthuman or transhuman or anyotherprefixhuman with silicon skin isn't even
a concept out of science fiction, it's a concept out of stupid people trying
to be trendy. The crystals of pure silicon (Si) used as semiconductor chips
are used for the semiconductor properties of silicon. In addition, silicon's
crystaline lattice structure is very rigid (another reason it's used for
chips .. I don't think that "flaccid state components" would be a very good
marketing selling point), so that if someone did, in fact, have silicon
skin, they wouldn't be very mobile. So if a physicist did in fact develop
silicon skin, they would be considered the next Steven Hawking. Although,
not so much a brilliant physicist as an immobile one. A much better choice
for the skin of this transhuman woman would be a carbon (C) compound, since
so much of nanotechnology depends on organic chemistry, biochemistry, and
molecular biology. HEY! wait a minute! Our skin *IS* made of carbon .. How
do you like that? The future is here today.
Drop the pretension, honey, it makes us all look like idiots. If I wanted
future fantastic with no basis in science, I'd read Mondo 2000 (and I do).

>(Note: these images will in no way be gender biased. In fact, in
>pre-production are men, and other genders.)

I think that the images are kingdom biased! What about plants? eh?
Paramecium have a right to exist!! Don't they? .. speciesist ...
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