re: HIV=/=AIDS video

Pat Fallon (
Sat, 08 Mar 1997 13:49:12 -0500

>>>Steve Edwards wrote:

>>>recently chimpanzees injected the human HIV virus have been
>>>coming down with AIDs like symptoms, declining T-cells, and at least one
>>>appears to have died of the disease. The latency period is every bit as
>>>long in chimps as it is in people, making these difficult and expensive
>>>experiments to carry out. But they now appear to satisfy the most important
>>>of Koch's postulates.

>>Pat Fallon wrote:
>>I'd appreciate it if you could reference this new chimp study. I'd particularly
>>like to read about HIV infected chimps coming down with "AIDS-like
>>symptoms" after latency periods "every bit as long as it is in people."
>>I would like to read it since it is so at odds with earlier experiments I am
>>familiar with.

>Steve Edwards replied:
>You might like to look at some older studies/reports on HIV-2 since it may be
>the same virus as the one causing the above chimp infections.

Maybe later, but I'd really like to read the paper reporting this chimp study that
is so add odds with the ones I am already familiar with. Where did you read
about it?

Pat Fallon