Re: Human Cloning: The Trade-In Strategy

Julio R. Vaquer (
Thu, 06 Mar 1997 22:55:00 -0700

J. de Lyser wrote:

> It is the same problem we face with life extension. As our lifespan
> increases, our generation renewal ratio drops compared to that of the
> germs. Germs will evolve and adapt more quickly than we do, added to the
> fact that we already do less, and they do more so because of medical
> improvements.
> J. de Lyser
> participant evolutionist movement
> Brussels

The fact that we won't die as fast does not mean that we won't be
evolving. Taken to it's ultimate end, the generation renewal ratio
assumption would mean that a longer lifespan would lead to a shorter

Individuals would have to look upon themselves for
evolution/adaptation/improvement, not to their progeny.

I imagine that as we start programming our own genetics and immune
systems we'll be faced with the bio version of the jerks that create
computer viruses. Those of us who choose extropian life will be faced
with constant challenges coming not so much from "generation renewal
ratio ", but from malicious human\posthuman intelligence.