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<< If HIV were actively
>infecting T-cells then cell-free virus particles, called virions, should be

>easily found circulating in the blood. This is the case with all classical
>viral diseases: >>

Lymph nodes have 10 million to 1 billion HIVs per gram of lymph tissue: In.
Conf AIDS. 1994, Aug 7-12; 10(2):80 Abstract PA0200.

All classical viral diseases? You mean non-retroviruses. . . not HIV,
HTLV-I, HTLV-II, HIV-2, or probably most "gag gene" type viruses. Some are
only found in the brain not blood, others are in the sputum not blood, etc.
Viruses tend to be in specific places but since nobody know the HIV
"minimal infective dose" low levels of HIV in blood is _meaningless_.
e.g., Only one Q-fever microbe will cause Q-fever infection. By your
criteria Q-fever could also not be a disease cause since you can't find it
easily in the blood.

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March 6, 1997
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