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<< The latency period seems to differ with different sub-types of the virus,
which there are at least six. >>

This seems likely. There are many so called "slow viruses" with long latency
periods not just HIV-1. The _Manual of Clinical Microbiology_ (MCM) lists
several p.189, 813, 1027-1032 5th edition 1991; Kuru, Scrapie; B. Sigurfsson
long incubation period agents (1954). Other long latency microorganisms are
_Coccidioides immitis_, _Aspergillus_, TB and MAC. So HIV-1 is not so
strange as far as latency period. I would even call it uninteresting from
that aspect. My theory is that we will find many more long latency viruses.
In fact, I am surprised we have not found MORE such as a human cancer virus
similar to Roux Sarcoma cancer virus (also a retrovirus like HIV-1).

HIV-2 is almost genetically identical to HIV-1 (see MCM p. 1013) and causes
AIDS-like disease in African monkeys.

The HIV skeptics don't like the data showing HIV is so identical to animal
AIDS because Koch's postulates are proven easier than with human HIV. Even
though Koch's postulates have been satisfied by retrospective investigations
of accidental infections with HIV such as the dental cases and hemophilia
cases (to say nothing of the millions of homosexual male infections). About
200 skeptics are still not satisfied vs.about 35,000 ASM members who are so
far convinced that Koch's postulated are satisfied.

It would be interesting to determine if these seemingly minor genetic
differences change latency period prior to AIDS -like symptoms.


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March 6, 1997
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