Re: "The Fourth Turning" - A Must Read
Thu, 6 Mar 1997 11:32:44 -0500 (EST)

Hal Finney:

> Some of their advise for weathering this storm did not fit well into
> my own individualistic tendencies. They advised becoming part of the
> community, getting a reputation as someone who is good to know, someone
> who helps out with local groups, etc. Think of the people who got to
> be in charge of the ration coupons during WWII.

( to which Anders explains)
<<I don't see a problem with this and being an individualist, and it is
actually very good advice for making extropianism more reasonable to
people - if you read about it in the newspapers, it is a weird cult, but
your friend Hal is a decent chap with some good ideas. If we could be
known as the local experts on the future and "big things", people might
come to us to hear what this fuss about cloning or nanotech is.

Which is how Max is regarded, and Anders obviously and many other key people!

Which fits right in with being an individual! And the trader principle...

I think it is very interesting to see this discussion on "helping out" or
"fitting in" "being someone who is good to know" other words, socialized behavior - which is quite different from
"socialism" In general, I think it is being eschewed in the effort to
maintain "individuality"....

I have noticed that a certain percentage of transhumans and Extropians are
less than social butterflies.Perhaps even unwittingly in persuing the
"individualistic tendencies" coming off as unsocial, lacking in charisma, and
social grace.

I have noticed this with groups of objectivists, Libertarians, cryonicists
too. I see a definite trend towards nerdiness and social ineptitude. At
first I found it alarming, still do sometimes. Check out the clothing.... the
(NOT ALL,MIND YOU!) I wonder whether this, coupled with the nonaltruistic
stance (often mistaken for a lack of love, compassion or empathy) gives
people the impression that this is not the group they want to "play with".

I wonder if the "individualist" (a well balanced, worldly individual who can
be in many situations) can be seen by others and not misunderstood.
Can this be done with just a LITTLE effort to make him/herself valuable to
others ...being social, looking good, speaking, giving classes, making
beautiful art...