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> I am interested in thtis subject matter,

Sorry about the super-long URL.

Try this: Go to ALTAVISTA Advanced Query at:

In the top form entry box, type:

"Ted Turner" AND "Gerald Levin" AND "Michael Ovitz"

This will pull up some articles about how just a few media moguls
largely control the direction of the industry. This is probably no
surprise to most, so it's amazing that proposals aren't written
*directly* to these players.

Levin is CEO of TIME WARNER, Ovitz is CEO of Disney. Michael Milken
comes up a lot in similar articles. Milken has been active and visible
in the most recent "WAR ON CANCER" campaigns. I respect his ability to
push technologies that will accelerate R&D, hypertext being one of them.

These folks are unbelievable influence. A hypermedia business model
that is presented in terms these guys can understand is much more likely
to be implemented than something comprehensible only to academia.

I hope that the DVD people don't make the mistake of mass-producing
DVD's without embedded identifiers on the discs.

Can ANYBODY use UPC/ISBN databases, or are these proprietary?

Perhaps another universal coding scheme could be adopted that is
intended to be available to the general public.