Re: Cloning opposition

Michael Lorrey (
Mon, 03 Mar 1997 20:29:38 -0500

Ian Goddard wrote:
> John K Clark ( wrote:
> > Our old friend Jeremy Rifkin said there should be an immediate
> > worldwide ban on cloning and that the penalty for violation should
> > "be on a par with murder". A poll taken by ABC news says that 87%
> > of Americans think cloning should be banned, 6% would like to be cloned.
> IAN: Ironically, it's the banning of cloning that will ensure
> the worst possible scenarios. The worst possible scenario is
> that only the State has the authority to conduct cloning, and
> even worse, that it does so only undercover of secrecy.
> That's exactly what will happen if cloning is banned. There's
> no way the central cabal of CIA and mega-wealthy conspirators
> that actually run/own the federal government are not going to
> exploit this science to their advantage, just as overwhelming
> evidence, which most people have never reviewed, confirms these
> very people are doing with the running of licit drugs and the
> defacto monoploy given to them by drug prohibitons.

Exactly. No government agent can be held accountable for his or her
actions if its his or her secret clone doing the dirty deeds while they
are ensconced in their office with plenty of witnesses to provide the

Legal impact of cloning: having an alibi is no longer evidence of
innocence. Thus any one can say anything about you, and if they can
fabricate any evidence, you are screwed. Thus clones should be at least
serialized in their DNA. Every natural born or first generation
individual gets a 0 or 1 serial number, with every clone derivative
getting successive serial numbers. WHo wants the number of the beast?


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