Re: Equal opportunity (was Re: Will the free market solve everything?)
Mon, 3 Mar 1997 12:37:49 -0500 (EST)

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<< At 10:54 2-03-97 +0000, Mark wrote:
>I still don't understand this thing about 'child labor'. Sure, I don't
>really want to see eight-year-old kids working in factories or mines, but
>when I was fourteen I spent a lot of my free time writing software.

Child labor means, a force of underpaid, underaged, uneducated, LABOR, ie:
mining, printshops, industrial factories, etc
It would not include, Mozart, Erkel or a software prodigy, or me selling
paintings at age fourteen....
It is a history lesson in greed, poverty and human misery. But it is used,
like any ANY issue involving children ( it seems pople go soft in the head
when the word KIDS is involved and will vote for anything) as a *smoke
screen* for the anti-freedom antics of our giovernment, like the new fuss
about kids being perverted by free speech on the internet. So it has become
a popular axe to grind with libertarians, and vice versa.