Re: Extropy Institute: New Directions; free newsletter response
Mon, 3 Mar 1997 08:48:03 -0500 (EST)

Dear Max,

Yes, I would be delighted to receive the Exponet.

I was a paid subscriber to Extropy Quarterly at one time, but I think that
either 1) Exptropy has gone online and no longer provides hard copies, or
2) I was not billed and slipped through the crack for renewal to this
cutting edge magazine.

Anyway, here is my physical mailing address:

Mr. Rudi Hoffman
1249 Robbin Drive
Port Orange, FL 32119

I am very interested in extropic ideas.
BTW, I am a "card-carrying" Libertarian, signed up with ALCOR for cryonic
suspension, (went to ACT festival, in was great!), and
a 100% skeptical, scientifically oriented superstition hating

I am excited about our boundless future as a race, but we have some "figural"
mass mind paradigm shifts that must occur if we are to move "onward" and

I appreciate your efforts to do exactly this.


Rudi Hoffman