Re: Equal opportunity (was Re: Will the free market solve

J. de Lyser (
Mon, 03 Mar 1997 08:21:44 +0100

At 10:54 2-03-97 +0000, Mark wrote:
>I still don't understand this thing about 'child labor'. Sure, I don't
>really want to see eight-year-old kids working in factories or mines, but
>when I was fourteen I spent a lot of my free time writing software.

Agreed. The writing of software has educational value. Looked should be at
activities that both have educational value, and take place outside of the
school environment. In order to increase a more realistic world view and
promote individualism (vs group mentality) early on.

Maybe this is best done, by having an individual experience a lot of
different 'groups' troughout her/his educational process. Computer and
internet technology also show interesting possibilities for this.

For auto-finances i also considered a merging of schools with public
libraries and commercial re-education facilities. Though this would surely
work early on, because of the already present knowledge, it would probably
not last long in a free market situation if implemented without an extra

Does anyone have suggestions for good books on education reform ?
(based on promoting individuality, curiosity, realistic world view)

Joost de Lyser