Re: TV - "Future Fantastic"

Natasha V. Mor (
Sun, 2 Mar 1997 12:32:20 -0700 (MST)

At 05:20 PM 3/2/97 +0000, Sarah Marr wrote:

>At 09:55 02/03/97 -0500, John Blanco-Losada wrote:
>>From today's Washington Post TV Week magazine. Sounds exciting.
>>"The five-part miniseries 'Future Fantastic,' which examines innovations
>>of the imaginative as well as scientists who dare to be imaginative,
>>premieres Sunday on the Learning Channel at 10 PM.
>This has already been shown over here in the UK. It's OK (Max and Natasha
>make a brief beach-based appearance), but not as in-depth as I, for one,
>would have liked. On the other hand, it's not particularly set up to
>ridicule the people it features for their beliefs or research, so in that
>respect it could be considered 'a good thing'.

I haven't seen it, although I remember spending quite a bit of time with the
journalists. Apparently the interview with extropians is presented in three
separate shows, one of which covers more area than the other two shows.

My recollection of the program is that the producers were very interested in
extropy's ideas about the future. My wisdom of experience sez that you
never know how the interview will be interpreted or presented and in what
context until it appears in print or video. So, in this sense, it BBC did a
'good thing';