Re: BIOTECH: Public Attitudes

Max More (
Sun, 02 Mar 1997 11:38:53 -0800

At 08:33 AM 3/2/97 -0500, Greg wrote:
>I stumbled into the AOL "current events" area and discovered that the service
>was conducting a member poll on attitudes toward human cloning. The
>following was the tally of votes as of early this morning:
>> Out of 10012 total responses:
>> 5599 people (56%) picked: Ban it.
>> 2086 people (21%) picked: Don't ban it.
>> 2326 people (23%) picked: For medical research only.

I believe a major TV show (Nightline?) did a poll of the more general
public, and found something like 90% for banning human cloning.


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