Re: EXTROPIC ART: The Importance of Creativity

Robin Hanson (
Sat, 1 Mar 1997 17:46:34 -0800 (PST)

"E. Shaun Russell" writes:
> Natasha is absolutely correct when she says that "Our ideas are what
>make us unique." I don't think anyone on this list can challenge that
>statement. We all think differently, talk differently, walk differently,
>act differently et cetera, and that is something to feel proud of.

Of course we can challenge that statement. Unless "idea" is
broadened so far as to cover all human attributes, there are lots of
(combinations of) attributes that make us each unique. Taken one by
one, most of the ideas we have are also shared by many other people,
just like our other attributes.

I think the difference for you is that you value your ideas more than
your other attributes, so they define you more in your eyes. And I
share that trait. But I have sadly learned that most people simply
aren't like this - they define themselves much more in terms of
non-idea attributes. So most of them just don't see "me", the me I
care about at least.

Robin D. Hanson