Re: EXTROPIC ART: Creativity

Michael Lorrey (
Sat, 01 Mar 1997 10:11:23 -0500

Natasha V. More(f/k/a/Nancie Clark) wrote:
> At 02:51 PM 2/28/97 -0800, Robert Schrader wrote:
> >I'd quibble over words here, though I basically agree. Learning neural
> >nets demand _feedback_. Creativity is an artifact, not a neccesity.
> Let's quibble. Please explain in what ways you deem creativity to be an
> artefact.

It is hardly such. Not meaning to step on toes, but saying that
creativity is an artefact and not neccessary is like saying the ability
to see is an artefact, and not neccessary, when one has the spoken word.
We all have our own blind spots. Mr. Schrader shows us his.


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