spare parts and cloning ethics

J. de Lyser (
Sat, 01 Mar 1997 12:56:20 +0100

Sorry for being a little late with this (just been catching up on the
cloning threads), but i don't think this was mentioned already, (unless it
shifted to another thread)

Wouldn't it be possible (theoretically) and maybe ethically more acceptable

A) Make sure a clone doesn't develop a brain BEFORE fertilization, by
taking out certain genes ?

B) Grow just an arm or body part from specialized tissue cells ?

Ofcourse growing a clone without a brain, cutting off his leg and then
leaving it? alive for future spare parts would also seem very unethical.
Even brainless clones should have some rights (animal rights?)

Does anyone here know HR Gigers 'Bodenhaltung' (the sketch) ? Its a
nightmarish vision of degraded human working conditions in order to
generate 'bio-power'. Genetical modification should be used to improve, not
to degrade.

and about using animals for donor organs:

Shouldn't i be the one left to decide what i do with my genes to my animals
? (as long as i don't cause that animal to suffer) In the Netherlands a
court ruled a bull had to be 'terminated' last year, because it was given a
human gene (which would increase milk production i believe). In the end
they just sterilized it and let it live.

It would surely be good for agriculture to allow modification, and maybe
then those subsidies would finally end, opening the doors for a free world
market ?

Joost de Lyser