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>Natasha Vita More:

>>For example, De Bono writes: <snip>

>And yet I wonder whether people really want to understand the
>creative process, because having a basic knowledge of how it
>functions would remove a lot of excuses for not developing that set
>of skills, and taking the leap into unknown areas of life.

In that it is considered to be a mystical happening ususally experienced by
artists while in some stream of consciousness state, I think that there is a
general trend towards admiring it from a distance. This the fallacy that I
am trying to address in this thread. In order for us to expand our thinking
in multiple directions, adapting thinking patterns to develop more ceative
lateral thinking patterns would prove to be an excellent tool.

Let's talk "ideas." Our ideas are what makes us unique. Our transhuman
ideas are establishing a paradigm for others. These ideas are necessary and
important, for they will become points on the compass into the future,
rather than going into the future pell mell. There is value in seeing -
paying attention to - the creative act. There is value in ideas. There is
also value in putting ideas into action.

The skill of creative thinking just doesn't happen. Although, one might
have an innate inclination towards being orginally creative, most people
have to work at it.

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