Re: ART: Creativity

J. de Lyser (
Sat, 01 Mar 1997 03:06:01 +0100

At 16:55 28-02-97 -0800, Robert Schrader wrote:
>> >The extreme of letting one's thoughts take new routes is insanity.

Kathryn Aegis:
>> Thinking too freely causes insanity? Wow. I guess I'd better make
>> advance arrangements with St. Elizabeth's!

>Please note: I was offering a definition, not a claim of cause and effect.
>I wrote 'is', not 'causes'.

'Foucaults histories of madness set out to demonstrate that madness was a
social desease, whose nature changed in different periods, but which always
reflected the need for society to find outsiders to punish and imprison, in
order that the prison of the social order should seem like freedom.'

Joost de Lyser

>> >( Many notable artists and musicians are known to strayed over the edge. )
>> Many notable artists and musicians, along with many notable
>> politicians and businessmen...
>Yes, but only in South America is it an asset to politics. :)
>> ...have had biological problems that led to
>> them being unable to cope with life in an effective manner.
>> Sin, (or sink)
>> Kathryn Aegis
>I have no disagreement with your statement of causes. But my comments were
>about mechanism of creation/insanity and modeling thereof, not the cause
>of insanity.
>Robert Schrader