Re: Good news for Libertarians!

Grahame, Bob (
Fri, 28 Feb 1997 10:02:32 -0000

>>The main trouble is that the British can't cook.
>No, silly, it's EC farm policy -- less diverse food at higher prices.
That's so true. I remember the look on my (socialist) girlfriends face
when I first took her round a good US supermarket. Massive variety,
higher quality, and lower prices. It was even open *when 9-5 people
weren't at work*, which was almost unknown in the UK back then.
Meanwhile, the EU issues directives on how much we should pay farmers for
not farming land, while at the same time setting penalties for letting
non-farmed land become inhabited by meadowflowers and songbirds. And
don't get me started on the Fisheries (or total destruction thereof)
Policy. I'm beginning to despair of this continent. My dynamic optimism
is flagging...