Re: LIT: _Hidden Order_

Eric Watt Forste (
Thu, 27 Feb 1997 13:48:56 -0800

Damien Sullivan writes:
> Has anyone read David Friedman's _Hidden Order_? Any comments?
> Basic old stuff? An economic _Innumeracy_?

I haven't read it, but I've leafed through it a few times and noticed
that much (at least 50%, I'd guesstimate) of the material has been
adapted from Friedman's excellent but basic price theory textbook,
PRICE THEORY. Now when I first read PRICE THEORY, I thought, "Gee,
this is a great book. Everyone should read it. Too bad it's packaged
as a scary college econ textbook." It seems to me that HIDDEN ORDER
addresses this packaging concern perfectly.

It's not nearly as elementary and braindead as INNUMERACY, though.

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