MEDIA: Suggestions for Canadian TV: extropians & cloning

Max More (
Wed, 26 Feb 1997 10:13:14 -0800

Tomorrow morning I'll be interviewed by Canadian TV on extropian views on
the cloning breakthrough. The show is Big Life on CBC and will be shown in
Canada on Friday. (Feedback from Canada-based extropians very welcome.)

I want to make a number of points, placing the cloning breakthrough in a
broader context. In case I'm missing anything important that should be
squeezed into my air time, I'm soliciting suggestions here. I intend to put
cloning in the context of a broader growth of our ability to modify our own
biology, and to make the political point that choices about cloning should
be an individual matter, not a governmental policy. I will also suggest
that the implications of cloning (even humans) is not particularly dramatic
(though it is a sign of accelerated progress) since genetic engineering and
other bio-modifications will be more radical.

I also gave Wired News a quote and may do a longer story with them, so I
can make good use of any clever suggestions that might help spread our ways
of thinking to the public.

(I should note that CBC is specifically interested in the extropian context
and not simply narrow comment on the cloning thing itself. It seems that
Extropian thinking is becoming recognized and that media people are
beginning to solicit our views as a recognized group or school of thought.
This is progress!)



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