humor: cynism returned (Re: Good news for Libertarians!)

J. de Lyser (
Wed, 26 Feb 1997 03:47:11 +0100

At 21:31 25-02-97 +0100, Erik 'the cynic' wrote:

>2 million British children suffer from the effects of malnutrition.

The same research showed it was because they choose to eat at macdonalds
instead of eat a carefully balanced diet. I heared that Labour already
passed a law that should forbid everyone under 18 to eat fast food. The
same law will take steps to make every motorist pass a monthly test
checking vitamin levels. The extra tax on cars goes to taking on special
'vitamin guards' who will patrol near junk food outlets and arcade parks,
spotting suspicious looking pimples.

>The only thing that surprises me is that so many decide not to eat.
>Stupid children.

I heard they went on hunger strike because they found out they were not
allowed their daily macdonalds any longer. Tax decrease on cigarettes was
another of their demands. Smart kids.

>Next step: Children should get the right to freely decide whether they
>want to quit school and to work in the heavy industry!

Have you seen Unimation/Westinghouse new UK slogan for marketing their new
SCARA robot arms ?: 'A kid can operate our robot arm',

They even changed the name to SKARA: Smart Kid Assembly Robot Arm

>Best starting age is probably at the age of 9 or 10, when they're >young
and ready to learn.

Possibly a good thing in view of recent predictions that soon kids this age
will be the ONLY ones able to operate mechatronics.

>we simply strike out public welfare, and the problem solves itself! >And
anyone who dies from hunger or gets ill or both is of course >guilty
himself! Had he done as much as he could -- he would have >survived.
Wouldn't he?

Why yes, ofcourse they're stupid. They could have just popped over to the
macdonalds, where both types of stock are now rotting away. I hear the
'vitamin guards' don't bother you too much when you have no money. Some say
they even become friendly to you...

J. the cynic