POLI: Soros

Alexander Chislenko (alexc@firefly.net)
Tue, 25 Feb 1997 03:34:48 -0500

I read about half of his book, and found his philosophy as
unimpressive as his market knowledge was sophisticated.
Not an unusual thing - when somebody makes a career in one
field, and then teaches people in others.
Still, I had an impression that his philosophy was sincere;
he really tries to improve things. Which doesn't necessarily
mean that he should be supported, as his views on what is good
for the world may be mixed with the desire to keep himself in
control of the developments, and this is exactly the combination
that created the worst villains in history out of people who
viewed themselves as do-gooders.
I doubt that Soros would surrender the control of his funds
to a group of people who may understand global social matters
I don't know that much about him though.

Recently, I read an excellent review of Soros's ideas and
activities, and problems of his organization in Telepolis -
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