SCIFI: Linda Nagata's Latest Novel

Crosby_M (
Mon, 24 Feb 1997 11:32:40 -0500

Linda Nagata fans might like to check out her Web page at

Her novels explore the potential limits of cryonics and, especially,
nanotechnology. Her latest is called _Deception Well_, just
published this month, and deals with the far future for a change.
Here is a snip of what she says about it:

<Complexity theory distinguishes between order and disorder (chaos)
and places vital life precisely on the boundary. We thrive on the edge
of chaos. That's a remarkable philosophy. It's a dynamic tension that
serves as the core of my upcoming novel DECEPTION WELL, a "far-future
cult thriller" ;-) set in a story world in which Earth has been left
behind, three thousand years in the past, and war has become as subtle
as ecological succession.>

I find her themes and thoughts to be fairly Extropian and certainly
Transhumanist. She also has some nice reviews of other recent scifi