Brain Gym

Kathryn Aegis (
Sun, 23 Feb 1997 03:44:27 +0000

If you have access to the _Washington Post_, check out page D5, Style
Section, article entitled 'The Mind Gym'. It describes a series of
exercises that are being used with young children to increase mental
capabilities, and they also have applications for adults. The
exercises are organized according to the mental function in need of
strenghtening, such as memory or data processing. For instance,
rhythm and timing exercises can improve math abilities. It is also
suggested that drinking sufficient water and moving around throughout
the day can help increase all mental skills.

I have seen this movement therapy work in amazing fashion for a friend
who deals with severe dyslexia -- that person is in grad school now.

A book is also mentioned: _Smart Moves, Why Learning is Not All in
Your Head_ by neuropsychologist Carla Hannaford.


Kathryn Aegis