Article on brain implant research

Jeff Allbright (
Sun, 23 Feb 1997 07:29:20 -0800

Item in Feb 97 issue of Electrosphere at Wired:

Neuroscientist Theodore Berger is working real hard to be the first person
to implant microchips between your ears.

During the past four years, Berger and a seven-member team of scientists -
experts in everything from semiconductors to the neurophysiology of tissue
cultures - have worked ceaselessly at the University of Southern California
in Los Angeles to unlock the brain's complex mathematical model so they can
bridge the gap between silicon and cerebrum. "If we can speak to the brain
in its own language then we begin to understand the biological basis of
thought and learning," says the 46-year-old scientist. "It's a matter of
understanding the way neurons act and react in every conceivable situation,
then building a device that can duplicate their basic functions and
transmit the appropriate electrical impulses."