Re: Will the free market solve everything?

J. de Lyser (
Sun, 23 Feb 1997 23:41:48 +0100

At 01:37 23-02-97 +0000, william kitchen wrote:
>The standard Libertarian (and Republican) belief is that free market
>economies inherently favor the smartest, hardest working
>entrepreneurs and best products. This is true. But they also hold
>a belief that this principle causes free market economies to be
>inherently stable and fair. This is not true. There are other
>forces than can operate within such an economy that can defeat the
>built-in self-correcting mechanisms. When you begin with a scenario
>in which wealth is distributed fairly evenly, then a free market
>economy will work very well and will result in high productivity,
>with clear benefits for those who produce and denial of those
>benefits for those who do not.

Distributing the wealth evenly is not needed and will do a lot of damage
early on, it could take years before the economy restores from such a blow,
and many people will lose their confidence in the system, as who is to say
such a redistribution is not scheduled again, and again ?, and what then
would be the motivation to be succesful ?. IMO a good system of social
mobility through a guaranteed high quality educational system will do the
trick, and far more efficiently.

J. de Lyser