Re: Neural Net: HNeT

Sean Morgan (
Thu, 20 Feb 1997 17:19:29 -0700 wrote:
>I while ago I posted the WWW address of
>an interesting new neural net developer on
>the Extropians list. Today I got an email
>from them (attached below). I also note that
>the original informative WWW site has
>been pulled and replaced with a simple
>"call this number for info" page.
>The demo version has gone, and they
>now deny that it exists.

They had a downloadable version, as is still advertized (but unavailable) at When I phoned them a few weeks ago,
they said that they simply repositioned it. At I wrote:

... announced in November, it is not being marketed
as a product -- they are looking for joint venture development
partners to
include their technology as the engine in other company's products
Sean Morgan (