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I wonder if the following would constitute an appropriate opportunity
to drop some memes. There seem to be events taking place nationwide
on April 17, maybe one in your area.

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For Immediate Release For Additional Information
David Surbeck 888 FIRST96

Reinventing The American Dream for the 21st Century:


PHILADELPHIA, February 17 -- In what has been described as the first forum of
its kind, The Foundation for Individual Responsibility and Social Trust
(FIRST) will host the first annual National Deliberation Day (NDD) on and
around April 17, the birthday of Thomas Jefferson. FIRST is coordinating
local discussions at sites throughout the country wherein young adults, 18-35
years old, will participate in half day discussions designed to develop a new
vision for the American Dream in the next century.
"Young adults all too often are branded with the Generation X label, with
the implication that we are apathetic, have little to contribute, and are not
interested in being involved in the political process," said David Surbeck,
FIRST executive director. "From the growing interest in National
Deliberation Day from young adults throughout the country, we should be able
to put a stop to those opinions once and for all." Events are already
planned in cities across the country, including San Francisco, Atlanta,
Austin, Philadelphia, Wilmington, Delware, Lincoln, Nebraska, and South Bend,
Indiana, to name a few.
While most discussions are scheduled for April 17, some local activities may
take place at other times depending on local circumstances, dates and times
most convenient for local participants.
Surbeck noted that every effort is being made to recruit a diverse and
representative group of participants at each location, including a national
outreach effort to complement local activities. Following National
Deliberation Day, the results will be compiled and a public report issued.
Further, the results will be integrated into discussion materials for
FIRST's National Issues Convention scheduled for October.
FIRST received media and public attention when it hosted the country's first
national issues convention for young adults in Philadelphia during National
Constitution Week, September, 1996. "We The Future...A National Issues
Convention for Young Adults" hosted delegates of every political persuasion
from business, non-profit groups, community groups, unions, and colleges and
universities. Delegates created a national issues platform for the future
and shared it with Presidential candidates for their comments and responses.
National Deliberation Day is part of FIRST's continuing efforts to create
new and meaningful ways for young adults to add their voice to the political
process. Through National Deliberation Days, yearly issues conventions, the
development of local chapters, and an education program, FIRST plans to
change the way young adults participate in politics. "Our goal is to provide
opportunities for non-partisan deliberation so that voice of young people is
heard above the din of special interest groups," noted Surbeck.
The Foundation For Individual Responsibility and Social Trust is a
non-partisan, non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization devoted to making
involvement in the political process meaningful for young adults.
Headquartered in Philadelphia, FIRST promotes the use of dialogue about the
future of the nation in order to stimulate involvement by young adults in
creating new ways to resolve national issues.

# # #
Conversations are scheduled in:
Tuscaloosa, AL (University of Alabama)
San Francisco, CA
New London, CT (Connecticut College)
Wilmington, DE
Alanta, GA
Savannah, GA (Savannah Technical Institute)
Bloomington, IN (University of Indiana)
South Bend, IN (University of Notre Dame)
Berea, KY
Boston/Cambridge, MA
College Park, MD (University of Maryland)
Raleigh, NC
Boone, NC (Appallachian State University)
Lincoln, NE
Lawrenceville, NJ (Rider College)
New Brunswick, NJ (Rutgers University)
Albany, NY (State University of New York at Albany)
Marlboro, NY (Duchess Community College)
Syracuse, NY
Berea, OH (Baldwin-Wallace College)
Harrisburg, PA
Lewisburg, PA
Lehigh Valley, PA (Lehigh, Moravian, Lafayette)
Philadelphia, PA
Pittsburgh, PA (Carnegie Mellon)
Scranton, PA (University of Scranton)
Providence, RI
Jefferson City, TN (Carson-Newman College)
Austin, TX (University of Texas at Austin)
Charlottesville, VA (University of Virginia)
Platteville, WI (University of Wisconsin - Plattesville)
Parkersburg, WV (University of West Virginia - Parkersburg)

For more information on the conversation in your area, about hosting an event
yourself, or general information about FIRST, please contact our national

The Foundation for Individual Responsibility and Social Trust (FIRST)
toll free: 888 FIRST96