META: Eudora filters

Alexander Chislenko (
Tue, 18 Feb 1997 11:30:29 -0500

I have been using Eudora filters for a while now,
and came up with a set that I consider very useful.

some examples (pseudocode) :

if (subject contains "unsubscribe")
transfer to "junk";
stop filtering;
if (To: is "" unless From: is "")
transfer to "personal";
play sound "Ta-Da!";
forward to "";
stop filtering;
if (body contains "Chislenko" or "Sasha")
copy to "Sasha cited" folder;
keep filtering;
if (body contains "extrop" unless To: contains "extrop")
set label "red";
keep filtering;
else transfer to "Misc";

You can also program it to automatically respond to some
messages, or run a small mailing list.

If anybody wants, I can email you my filter as an example;
it has clauses for several dozen mailing lists of extropian
interest, newsletters, etc.

It would be nice to have some tools for combining filters
and custom dictionaries for a group of people - and then
we could speak of more intelligent collaborative filtering.

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