Re: The Meaning of Truth

Gregory Houston (
Mon, 17 Feb 1997 02:40:15 -0600

John K Clark wrote:

> I very much enjoyed Gregory Houston's <> post and even
> agreed with much of it, but you're causing unnecessary trouble for yourself
> because I think the concept of "THE TRUTH" is functional and so should be
> used.

I agree it is unrealistic in our present context to remove the concept
of "THE TRUTH". I'm not particulary convinced this would be so for more
highly developed entities. But in any case, by attempting to justify the
extreme stance I have been taking, I hope I have illustrated some points
where science is currently lacking, where some shifts in focus and
priority might prove of monumental benefit. I just ran across the
following quote in this months issue of WIRED. Though WIRED appears to
me to be a trendy corporate oriented magazine, the following quote
seemed serendipitously relevant:

"If you watch the curve of science and everything we know, it shoots up
like a rocket. We're on this rocket and we're going perfectly vertical
into the stars. But the emotional intelligence of humankind is equally
if not more important than our intellectual intelligence. We're just as
emotionally illiterate as we were 5,000 years ago; so emotionally our
line is completely horizontal. The problem is the horizontal and the
vertical are getting farther and farther apart. And as these things grow
apart, there's going to be some kind of consequence of that."

--George Lucas, from interview in Febuary 1997 issue of WIRED magazine

With that said, I'm going to take a break, digest some criticism,
consume more information, and incubate some ideas. Thank you for your


Gregory Houston