Re: Phil: The VALUE of life & individualism vs self-sacrifice.

Eric Watt Forste (
Fri, 14 Feb 1997 15:51:54 -0800 writes:
>As Matthew Sciabarra tried to point out in his excellent recent
>book, "Ayn Rand, Russian Radical," such societies as you have
>referenced will only work if all major players are "moral" in the
>sense proposed by Ms. Rand. As all persons who have had to serve
>as legal representatives of others know, pigs will fly before a
>majority of people are "moral" in the sense that Ms. Rand proposed.
>Thus, as you point out, such anarcho-capitalist societies as you
>have referenced will deginerate into the war of all against all.

Strange. I thought that societies such as our current one will only
work if all major politicians are "moral" in an even more exacting
sense. In seems to me that we are already living in a war of all
against all, with everyone trying to vote himself shares of his
neighbor's wallet.

Also, I think Randian morality has already become a tiny bit
old-fashioned. What do you have to say about the theories of morality
presented by David D. Friedman? You could try referencing:

and most particularly:

and let us know how Sciabarra's arguments hold up in the light of

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